Kia Lease Deals

Leasing offers another way for you to get your hands on the keys to a stylish Kia. Whether you're interested in upgrading your sedan or making your next lease a roomy SUV, we have a great lineup of vehicles to choose from.

If you're looking for Kia lease deals near Ithaca, Corning, or Cortland, check out the selection at Maguire Kia.

Kia Dealership Inventory


As a Kia dealer, our showroom features a large selection of cars and SUVs. There are lots of options to choose from because we strive to offer something for all kinds of families and drivers. To help you find the one you want to lease, we put our full inventory online and offer lots of helpful search filters.

You'll find sporty sedans like the Kia Forte. This sleek, aerodynamic option delivers a fun drive that can last for a long time thanks to its impressive fuel economy. There are lots of great features inside, as well as plenty of convenient space in the trunk.

For a little more room, you can hop in a midsize sedan like the Kia Optima. It features a stylish interior with an open design that'll help you stretch out and relax. You'll also be able to enjoy an efficient performance and smooth ride.

Drivers and families who are shopping for an SUV will love the versatile Kia Sportage. It can carry lots of cargo while providing an agile and stable drive on any terrain. Larger families who need more room can pile into the Kia Sorento, instead. It sports even more cargo room and features three rows of seats with space for up to seven people.

Benefits of Leasing a Kia

There are a lot of perks to leasing a Kia. It starts with how leasing is structured. First, you'll agree to a lease term that's usually 24 or 36 months long. After your term is up, you'll return the car or SUV to our dealership.

That's when you'll get to see the real upside of leasing. Starting a new lease right away is easy and makes for a convenient way to upgrade. You could lease a sporty Kia Forte, drive it for a few years, return it to us, then lease a brand-new car with all the latest features. You'll also have the freedom to choose a different trim level, color, or group of features.  

Additionally, leasing is a useful way to change what you're driving to adapt to your lifestyle. Afterall, a lot can change in three years. If you've started a family, you can return your sedan when your lease ends and choose to get a spacious SUV like the Kia Sorento.

Lease a Kia

To learn more about Kia lease deals near Ithaca, Corning, and Cortland, check out our lineup of available deals online.

At Maguire Kia, we always offer a rotating selection of lease deals to help you save on the car or SUV that you're interested in. You can view them online or visit our dealership to speak with a member of our finance team.